P.E.A.C. - Piano Energetico Ambientale Comunale del Comune di Perugia

Perugia City Environmental Energy Plan (Piano Energetico Ambientale Comunale - PEAC): a useful tool for all the municipalities.

The PEAC has been written by Municipality of Perugia in collaboration with Perugia University, and consists in 6 reports:

- Technical report;
- Analysis of vehicle fleet - Attachment "A";
- weather data - Attachment "B";
- Actions - Attachment "C";
- Matrix for the identification of interventions - Attachment "D";
- Tables of potential interventions - Attachment "E";

Moreover, a database of international, european, national and regional laws and guide-lines concerning energy sector and energetic planning has been improved.

>>Download PEAC of Perugia Municipality

>>Download Database

>>go to page of laws

>>Download PEAC of Umbertide Municipality

>>Download PEAC of Lisciano Niccone Municipality

>>Download PEAC of Marsciano Municipality