MuSAE project includes 5 principal actions:

  1. Definition of the work program and participative scheduling of this with stakeholder: the work scheduling will involve policy makers, functionaries of  the partner public administration, local communities. The primary objective of this action is the institution of the Partecipative Forum in the 4 Municipalities involved, with the aim of bringing out challenges and awaking citizen's consciences and activating citizens in the field of energy efficiency;
  2. Creation of an energy info-desk in each of the municipalities involved. The info-desk tasks will be: raise awareness concerning the importance of renewable energies and energy efficiency, fulfil brochure, give information about opportunities in renewable energies and energy efficiency;
  3. Monitoring of of the project;
  4. Communication and dissemination of the project through a dedicated site, forum, seminars, national and regional conferences;
  5. Project management.

Last update: 10 nov 2014