The MuSAE Project

The project MuSAE: ‘Municipalities subsidiarity for actions on energy' approved within Life+ program, assumes that the energy savings and the increased use of renewable energy sources are critical for the achievement of the objectives of the strategy "Europe 20/20/20" and also that the local authorities are required to play a role crucial to the achievement of commitments undertaken by the EU in order to promote a new model of sustainable development.

The project, with a duration of 34 months (01.09.2012-30.06.2015), involves six partners which are Municipality of Perugia, Umbria Region, Perugia University (CIRIAF - Interuniversity Research Centre Pollution by Physical Agents "Mauro Felli"), Municipality of Marsciano, Municipality of Umbertide and Municipality of Lisciano Niccone
MuSAE arises from the experience gained by the Municipality of Perugia on energy field in general and specially on the definition of the Municipal Environmental Energy Plan (PEAC). One of the main objectives of the MuSAE is indeed to develop a PEAC for each partner of the project through the transfer of know-how acquired by the Municipality of Perugia, but taking into account the specific characteristics of the territory
The project also aims to open in each of the municipalities involved, an energy info-desk to disseminate the contents of the PEAC, raise awareness about the importance of the renewable energies and of the energy efficiency and also to give information about funding opportunities in the energy field.

Last update: 04 nov 2014